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  • Match’s date and time shall get agreed within 24 hours after the match announcement to be played not later than the round’s deadline which might be 5 or 3 days depending on the tournament’s stage.


  • Register in the WhatsApp and Facebook CBI groups to arrange matches, receiving announcements, finding opponents, and asking questions.

  • We play here:

    You can create your user account easily here. After filling and submitting the form you might get approved quickly or within 12 hours you will receive the confirmation email.

    This site is compatible with all computer devices, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Players shall enter and play into the “Canada Backgammon Institute” external tournaments on the Studio Heroes server#3 which is guided by the following images:

    • No registration fee! Winners certificates on the website forever!
    • Each match must be played within 72 hours
    • The game clock is “Live8 – 60/10”
    • Match-type is “Tournament Match”
    • Match invite settings have preset no need to set anything
  • Optionally you can suggest Backgammon Galaxy to your opponent to play. In this case, you need to download and submit your match database file
  • Please be on time for your game. The player’s absence or inability to attend the match on time (for a maximum of 20 minutes) is not accepted and then the absent player will be the loser of the match.

  • Always double-check the match points and format with the tournament organizer

  • Possible problems like weak or interrupted internet connections are the player’s responsibilities and will lead to loss of time or the game.

  • It is the responsibility of the participants to get acquainted with the game software/app and the system. It is better to reach a sufficient level of familiarity with the game system before the tournament starts.

  • The draw is done automatically, using an online website (without human intervention). The link to the first round of the games will be sent out to all players right after the draw.

  • Please Save the match database file after the end of each match and email it to [email protected] to be registered in the tournament results. The link to download the studio database file will be displayed at the end of each game with the final results. Save it on your device by clicking on the relevant link and then email it to us.

  • Check with the tournament organizer whether the Western-style doubling/cubing is acceptable or not in some tournaments (This is not applied to all tournaments)

  • To adjust the speed of the game, the time of each set is limited based on the timer of the software. The Player whose time is up will be the loser of that game.

  • The game timer should be set for 10 seconds to complete each move and 5 minutes reserved as a sample for 5 points match. On Galaxy set it Normal (10 sec+ 5 min) as shown below:

  • On the Studio Heroes site, while setting the game invitation, set the timer option on Live8 as shown below:

  • Please fully double-check the invitation setting details before sending or accepting it.

  • Any other cases which are not included in this instruction will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The referee’s decision will be the criterion for both players. The referee will be assigned by CBI.

  • At the end of each match, you need to download/save and email the game database to the organizer(s).

  • There is no entrée fee and prizes. We will issue your certificate and well keep the records online on the website’s backgammon champions webpage as a reference.

  • Avoid any discussions with others and wait for an arbitral award by the ref.

  • Any other non discussed cases will be announced by the decision of the tournament referee(s).