Spring 2023 International Tournament

First Place Seccond Place Third Place Loading… CHAT ROOM Translate to your language: PersianPortugueseRomanianSpanishFrenchArabic About Canada Backgammon Each match gets played within 6 days This tournament’s meetup page address Free for Premium Members Free players only receive the certificates without any prize For non-Premium Members, the main entree is CAD$30 The optional side pool is CAD$30 No-Elimination 13 pts full western-style backgammon The three first top winners will get 50% 30% 20% prizes after costs 1st game website is the Backgammon Studio (Heroes) (Only in Tournament Rooms>>Canada Backgammon 13 pts) Each match play within a week (if arranged within the first 24 … Continue reading Spring 2023 International Tournament