The effect of backgammon is strange. If one wins then it was the result of the own strategic superiority. But if one loses, then the opponent was just lucky. And if one loses several times, then something must be wrong. Especially when playing online, cheating, fraud or bot, something must take place there. – Let us look more closely to that.

What Options Are There To Cheat At Online Backgammon?

1) One can hack the backgammon server and manipulate the dice.

This is the most sophisticated method. In practice, it should, however, not be realized. First, there is a server administrator who noticed changes. Even if he might not immediately see what has changed, he noticed in any case that something changed and will investigate the matter. Also, there are only a few specialists in the world who are capable of doing that, if there are any. In addition, the forgery of credit cards would be easier and more lucrative for these specialists. This variant is therefore more for the hardcore fantasy or conspiracy theorists.

2) Playing with a backgammon program.

This sounds easy. Installing a backgammon program and typing in the respective moves and throws. Then you play the proposed move. However, this also has its problems:

The task switching, ie, switching between the programs does not go unnoticed. The software notice when she is suddenly in the background and the mouse cursor elsewhere. And if a player between the moves always goes back and forth, then the conclusion is clear.

Still remains the possibility of a second computer. If the computers are not networked with each other, the backgammon program can not be noticed on the other PC. Now you just have to be supple enough to coordinate the whole movings or looking for a partner. But there are still problems:

The good players are in fact strong enough to win against backgammon programs. I win against GNU Backgammon (Grand Master level) over 50% and over 60% against Jellyfish. The 2 computer variant is then rather for persons of category greedy & stupid.

Incidentally, a video circulating on the Internet, where the cheating is demonstrated using a backgammon program. I bet my pants and my butt, that this is purely a marketing video to attract idiots with dollar signs in their eyes!